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Nepal is a landlocked country, located in Southern Asia, between China & India. Nepal is a mountainous country contains 8 of world’s 10 highest peaks, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga – the world’s tallest and third tallest – on the borders with China and India respectively. A Nation-wide election in April 2008, the newly formed Constituent Assembly declared Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic and The Constituent Assembly elected the country’s first president in July.

Nepal at a glance;

Area; Total 147,181 sq. km
Population; 29,890,686 (July 2012 est.), growth rate of 1.768%
GDP (Purchasing Power Parity);$40.49 billion (2012 est.), real growth rate of 4.6%
GDP (Per capita PPP); $1,300 (2012 est.)
Unemployment rate; 46% (2008 est.)
Inflation; 8.3% (2012 est.)
Fiscal Year; 16 July – 15 July

Nepal imports the commodities of petroleum products, machinery and equipment, gold, electrical goods, medicine etc with the value of $6.15 billion (2012 est.) which accounts for 57% from India & 25.9% from China (2011). Similarly, Nepal exports clothing, pulses, carpets, textiles, juice, pashima, jute goods etc to India, USA & Germany.

Nepal stand as a second richest country on Water Resources after Brazil. Though we are rich in water resources, we are facing the power cut upto 19hrs a day. This gap creates the immense opportunities to those who are willing to work upon the Power and Energy in Nepal. We can simply predict that Nepal has the tremendous investment opportunities in almost every sectors as such; Energy, Tourism, Cement, Beverage, Cigarettes, Brick production, Jute, Sugar, Oilseed mills etc. Towards these directions, My Investment Group has already initiated the few business ventures.

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MIG News

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